Why is Instagram an ideal platform for trainers?

We’ve heard a lot recently that Facebook has been losing a lot of ground in the marketing battle of social media platforms. It seems that one of its fast-developing challengers will be its successor – but what’s the secret of Instagram? And how can you use it to your advantage as a trainer? This post answers both of these questions.

Why is Instagram so popular?

Instagram is an application originally created for sharing photos back in 2010. It has been becoming more and more popular since 2013, when the platform first let users share short videos as well. It’s easy to see that the key to its success lies within short, visual content. These posts have a higher chance of motivating users to act – that’s why it’s much more efficient than a written advertisement.

This is why developers at Instagram has been opening up towards advertisers. This helps businesses reach their target audience with their messaging much easier than before. But how can you use it as a trainer? 

Post new content regularly!

If you’d like to take advantage of the many opportunities of Instagram, the most important thing is to post content as frequently as you can. Take cool photos of how you get ready for a training, share videos shot during a session, or just show your followers your healthy, protein and vitamin rich dinner. The point is to share something at least 3-4 times a week – this is an excellent way to inspire your followers to interact with your posts. 

Use relevant keywords!

Since Instagram isn’t used for marketing purposes that much, you have a considerably higher chance of reaching your target audience compared to other platforms. If you use the right search words when you upload your content, you can reach people who would normally only hear about your business if you paid for the ad or put a lot of effort into search engine optimalisation. This is why you should never forget about using the right hashtags when posting content. 

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