What skills do you need for delivering a smooth group workout?

Preparedness, devotion, professionalism. These three things are inevitable if you want to organise a cool fitness group that can work together. But what do these features mean?

Let us show you how these three attributes help you put together the perfect routine – at the end, your trainings will surely improve and both your current and future clients will love every part of it. 


Being fully prepared for teaching a group is just as fundamental and important as the teaching itself. By preparedness, we mean a proper educational background and being humble towards your craft. On the other hand, it also means that you should be able to create meticulous lesson plans with the best routines that you know inside out. 

Should you be a bit lax about your trainings, your clients won’t take you seriously, which will end up damaging your hard-earned reputation. This is why you should always plan ahead, think your lesson plans through, choose a fitting soundtrack for each routine, and give yourself enough time to adjust your mood to the training. 


Apart from the professional knowledge and constant preparedness, it’s also important that you not treat your job as a chore that helps you make ends meet. Be determined and devoted, and regard your profession as a life goal. 

Many people are not fortunate enough to do what they love on a daily basis, andthis is why you should be humbled that you are not one of those people. With a mindset like this, your clients will see your positive attitude and use it as a source for motivation – having properly organised and delivered trainings can be extremely inspiring. 


It’s beyond question that having a proper professional background and experience is one of the most inevitable things for your classes. However, professionalism means way more than just being skilled in your field or physically fit for the job. 

A real professional is also punctual. A real professional demands this from themselves and from their clients as well. A real professional does this without being overly strict or implementing disciplinary actions – actually, they use solutions that make trainings much easier, smoother and enjoyable. 

Spomoco’s scheduling assistant is a solution like this. It allows clients to communicate with you more efficiently, and it helps you become more punctual and reliable – just like true professionals. 

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