Three mistakes good trainers avoid

Who is an ideal trainer? The definition can differ for everyone. However, we can all agree that a real expert is fully aware of the responsibility coming with the job. Being a trainer needs commitment and compassion – without these, it’s very hard to do it well and succeed. 

We’ve collected three of the most serious mistakes that – if you want a lot of regular clients and be celebrated by your peers – you should avoid at all costs. 

You can’t progress any further

If you feel like you can’t improve anymore, and you reached the point where you just can’t learn anything new, it’s time to get back to the drawing board. The best trainers can always find something new to learn, be it theoretical or practical knowledge. 

A real expert is never completely satisfied with themselves and their performance. This is why a good trainer strives to improve constantly: they research to learn more about their field, and they’re also ready to learn something outside of their expertise. You have a plethora of opportunities as a trainer – and no, we don’t mean that you have to put together a new routine for each class. 

Just spare thirty minutes each day to expand your knowledge – just by reading an article you can learn a lot about healthy diets, the human body, or the latest trends in the fitness world. 

You aren’t taking your job seriously

Like we said earlier: being a trainer isn’t a simple task. It’s not a monotonous 9-5 job – you’ll have new challenges every day. Do not choose this profession if you regard it just another way of earning more money. 

Being a trainer is not only fun and games – it’s purpose is not primarily to keep you fit. If you choose to work as a trainer, you’ll be responsible for your future clients, and apart from your personal goals, you’ll have to keep an eye on their progress and that they bring out the best in themselves during your trainings. 

Sticking to outdated solutions

Switching to a new solution is not always the best decision – but you also have to be aware that novelties aren’t inherently evil. Introducing a new machine or a trendy routine can lure in many new clients, plus it also impresses existing customers. What’s more is that you don’t have to think about novelties exclusively focussing on your classes or training plans. 

Using a simple yet brilliant solution as an assistant in your daily routine can work wonders. No worries – we aren’t advising you to hire someone. Instead, you can hire a digital assistant that makes communicating with your clients much easier, plus it also takes the administrative duties off your shoulders. 

Spomoco is an assistant like that. The app’s aim is to make both the trainers and their clients’ everyday life free of clutter and easier to organise. If you manage to get rid of prejudices regarding modern solutions and novelties, you can be sure that using an app like Spomoco can help you a lot. Instead of wasting time on running errands, you can focus on your classes and do your job like a real professional. 

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