This is why being a trainer is hotter than an office job

Our chosen career path greatly influences our everyday lives. Since we spend almost one third of our lives working, it has an equal impact on our stress levels, happiness, and standard of living. No wonder that many people start their private business – despite of it being a huge challenge, they decide to chase their dreams instead of getting stuck in a rut.

Working as a trainer is a dream career for those who love exercising or shiver from the thought of sitting in front of the screen hunched in a chair all day. Read on to find out about the greatest advantages of working as a freelancer trainer. 

Reap what you sow

Being a trainer requires extremely high levels of devotion, since you’ll be offering potentially game-changing services to people. This creates real value, and you’ll earn money by doing something that is truly valuable for your clients. 

The best thing about being a freelancer is that you have to work hard for every penny. But don’t worry – there is no greater joy than enjoying your hard-earned rewards. 

Versatile work

The same tasks, every day. Invoices, tables, paperwork, and impatient clients. Does this picture look familiar to you? Monotonous tasks in an office environment can shortly read to burning out, and it just completely ruins your will to work. 

Being a trainer, on the other hand, is a busy and versatile profession. You are constantly on the move, meeting new people and colleagues, and you do what you truly love: exercising and learning about the latest trends of the fitness world. 

You aren’t locked up behind strict limitations of your profession – you can freely unleash your fantasy and do whatever you deem fit. You get to build training plans according to your level of expertise so that it can be the most efficient. Speaking about a real challenge, right?

There’s only one thing to watch out for: be reliable at all times, and try not to consider your own interests every time. Put your clients in the first place, and make your cooperation fun and fruitful at the same time. 

Your very own timetable

Many of us dream of having a life without a boss and constant, high expectations. We simply grow tired of strict workplace guidelines, timetables and wish that we had full power over creating our own schedule. 

When you do freelancing, you are your own boss – so you create your own guidelines as well. This might be tempting at first, but it’s also important to know the responsibility and sacrifice it demands.

While creating your schedule, you have to think about all the tasks outside your regular working hours. These include paperwork, accounting, creating training plans, and progressing as a trainer.

This might seem a little too much at first, and you might even feel that you’ve been fooled: being your own boss eats up too much time compared to your good old office routine. However, if you know how to organise your weekly agenda well, you can save lot of time. 

Spomoco’s scheduling application does not only help you manage your classes and related tasks, but it also takes off the administrative burdens from your shoulders. 

For grace and appreciation

Your clients’ success will always be your personal success as well. This is why being a trainer is one of the most grateful professions. 

You can help others not only by motivating them, but also by being a mentor who constantly helps them on their path as they progress. This is the feeling that makes this profession excellent and enjoyable for most trainers. 

Working with people every day is not the same as handling paperwork. And while you do get money in exchange for your services, the real value that lies within training others is the gratitude and appreciation you get in return. 

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