This is how you should communicate the perks of a group training towards your clients

Regular exercising should be an integral part of our lives. However, many people find it difficult to hit the gym because of a lack of motivation. For these people, having a friend or an acquaintance who helps them overcome the obstacles. 

And if you have the chance to surround yourself with not only one but a whole group of people, regular exercising can easily transition from a compulsory task to an excellent free time activity. Let us show you the three main advantages of motivating your clients to pick group trainings over private ones, and how to motivate these perks towards them. 

Constant motivation

Can you think of anything that is more inspiring than being surrounded with people who share your goals and determination? The main reason for group trainings being more efficient than personal ones is that you’ll always find someone whose motivation can fuel your depleted energy sources on the toughest days. And if you are hitting the gym with your friends, you can motivate each other well.

Spomoco’s scheduling application helps users check the list of attendees for each training. This is an excellent motivational force for your clients – if they can sign up for the same class as their friends, weekly workouts will become much more liberating and fun than doing the same with complete strangers. 

Expert instructions help a lot

The second biggest advantage of attending group trainings is that a prepared professional will instruct you. People can progress a lot more efficiently when being instructed by an expert as opposed to working out at home alone. Your aim as a trainer is to tell them when and where they erred and to advise them on how they could correct their mistakes. This way you are not only motivating your clients, but also help them reach their long term goals quickly and efficiently. 

…and a healthy routine is formed

Weekly workouts help your clients have greater control over their free time. By having sessions at a fixed date, they can easily organise the rest of their agenda and think their weekly routine through. Having these trainings also helps them have enough time for things that matter. 

Spomoco is an excellent partner in preparing your schedule. It is the most efficient tool in helping your clients book the most suitable date for training, plus it uses various reminders to keep on motivating them and to make sure that there is no week without training. 

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