This is how you can grow your regular clientele

Exercising is like dating. If you want to perform well, commitment and maturity are necessary to bring out the best in it. 

Many people start exercising – and many fail after having the first negative experience. They fail to make it part of their routine and to change their old habits and lifestyle. This is why attrition at group classes is a perfectly normal phenomenon. 

However, you should never forget about one of your main tasks. You have to keep inspiring your clients not to give up and keep working to reach their long-term goals. 

So, have you heard about the two key factors that lead to a beneficial cooperation between trainer and trainee? Read on to find out about both. 

The key is communication

Your relationship with your clients largely depends on the frequency and tone of communication. And by that we do not only mean giving instructions or showing how to do a certain exercise – communication is also about having a chat after class or keeping in touch between trainings. 

The more you are up for this kind of communication, the more your clients will trust you with their training-related questions and requests. This will also make them more open to tips and tricks about a healthy way of living or just exercising in general. A satisfied client is a loyal one, and loyal customers will definitely recommend your services to their friends and acquaintances.

It’s also important to make communication bilateral. Ask your clients’ feedback regarding your services: having positive or negative reviews equally help you do your job with more confidence and meet the requirements and challenge you have to face. 

Planning works wonders

If you’d like to avoid losing clients after the first few sessions, it’s worth planning ahead. Set milestones on the way to long-term goals – this maintains motivation levels high. Each milestone people reach gives the power and perseverance that pushes them harder and doesn’t allow them to give up on their dreams. 

Being a pro planner is a plus in your everyday life, too: having a properly assembled schedule makes exercising part of the routine, and even the busiest clients will have the chance to spare some of their free time for trainings. 

The ultimate partner in communication and fine-tuning

When it comes to quick and efficient communication and effective planning, every trainer has an excellent companion. Spomoco’s scheduling assistant helps you to organise your classes easily and efficiently at the same time. 

The application gives you the perfect communication channel between trainer and clients, plus your classes can be booked with a single click. Notifications constantly remind users about upcoming classes, and they also nudge your clients if they have skipped a few sessions.

Spomoco is simply more than an application. It’s a companion that helps both trainers and their clients to lay the foundations of exercising. It makes communication considerably easier, and scheduling becomes child’s play, eventually helping you to grow a satisfied, loyal clientele.

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