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3 social media platforms to boost your productivity as a trainer


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms these days. You can share photos and short, snapshot-like videos to keep your followers updated. According to recent studies, content on Instagram can have 23% more impressions than the ones on Facebook, and brands experience a 10 times higher rate of engagement than on Facebook. 

This means that this platform helps your reach out to your target audience much more efficiently than other social media. But why?

Well, it’s mostly because Instagram is perfect for making a positive first impression. It’s pretty easy for a user to glance at your profile and immediately decide whether they trust you – your photo and video content will speak volumes instead of you. 


Snapchat might be less popular in some countries, but you can be sure as a trainer that you can find your target audience with it. Snapchat is somewhat similar to Instagram, as it’s also for sharing short videos. It does have a big difference – according to statistics, these snapshot-like videos generate millions of hours of views over a single day. 

And if you’re thinking about video content and you want to share brief snippets of your classes with your potential clients, Snapchat can be an idea alternative. This way your brand can reach many people whom you wouldn’t normally be able to get in touch with via Facebook or Instagram.


YouTube is definitely the playground for the brave – here you can share shorter and longer videos as well. Nowadays it’s incredibly popular – no wonder, as we can find plenty of useful and interesting videos on this platform. 

If you decide to launch your own YouTube channel, it’s important that you pay attention search engine optimalisation and you include keywords that refer to your business and to the content’s type itself. This way even those members of the target audience can find your videos who would normally not search for your profile but look for relevant content on the platform. 

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