The four most efficient ways of customer retention

The best feedback about the quality of your service is the number of your return customers. In order to have as many satisfied clients as possible, apart from having a well-though-of training plan, you also need to know your customers’ needs. With the following tips, you will be able to get satisfied customers to return to you each week while minimalising clientele fluctuation.

Make your training a unique experience

Be positive and energetic at all times. Use your voice properly and your body language intensely – this way customers can benefit from the positive energy oozing from you, thus improving their own mood. Thanks to this, you have got yourself a training which is not just a simple task waiting to be completed, but a real experience that your customers will be eager to talk about to their friends and acquaintances.

Be punctual

Never postpone work-related tasks. Answer e-mails in time, react to every phone call – even when your current weekly timetable is already packed. But most importantly, never agree to organise training sessions which barely fit in your schedule. Overhastiness never leads to anything good, and it usually worsens the quality of your service. Spomoco helps you organise your weekly schedule in an interactive way, plus it also handles issues related to overbooking effectively

Pay attention to your customers

It is often the small gestures that can work the biggest wonders. The more attention you pay to your customers, the more likely they will regard you not just as your trainer who does their job but also as a person who they can trust. You shouldn’t think about big things – call them by their name, listen to their problems and requests. Building trust and a community is vital in order to keep your clients, plus it can also help you attract more customers.

Discuss future plans

Talk with your customers either before or after the training – discuss their goals, plans and how their training plan will progress in the future. Talk over the steps they need to take in order to reach the goals they are aiming for. Discuss how early these goals could be achieved realistically. It is important that all these are talked through as soon as possible so that the service you are offering doesn’t seem uncertain or stagnating.

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