The cornerstone of trust: data regulation

No one really wants their private information get to unwanted hands due to them not being stored or handled properly. The reality is that cyber criminals skilled at phishing will not miss the opportunity to steal your data – personal information in the online world is worth more than gold. 

Unfortunately, the fitness industry is no exception either – this is why it’s worth knowing as a good trainer how to handle your clients’ data properly. 

You have to be aware that as a trainer, you too become a person who handles personal information. If you want to work efficiently, you have to have some of the information of your clients. This does not necessarily mean that you have to know confidential data like bank account numbers and such – even a phone number qualifies as personal data. 

What counts as personal data?

According to regulations set by the law, any information can be called personal data that is related to a natural person. In this sense, any information counts personal data that can make us assume anything about a certain person.

As a trainer, you’ll possess such information for sure. Phone numbers, addresses, birth dates, or other information important for creating training plans such as body weight and its fluctuation. You might be surprised, but all of these data count as sensitive personal data. This is why it’s very important that you clearly phrase your guidelines in the most discreet and professional way possible in order to protect your clients’ identities.

How to handle it properly?

Last year, the GDPR regulation introduced very strict rules related to the handling of personal data. Obeying these regulations is not easy, but it isn’t impossible either. The point is that your clients’ data should always be stored in a system that is protected from unwanted eyes. Naturally, you have to take responsibility for handling their data, and you must count with the consequences should any of the stored data leak to the public. 

The best and easiest solution

Spomoco’s online sign-in system is a perfect solution for your data handling issues – the application does not only handle your clients’ data with discretion but with obeying the rules as well. The app is 100% compatible with GDPR – using it spares you the hassle of creating a separate database or your personal data regulation policy before anyone could book a free slot for your classes. 

Developers of the app created Spomoco with having GDPR-related issues in mind. It does not only take off the various administrative duties from your shoulders, but it also relieves you from the burdens of data protection as well, so all you have to do is focus on your work and your client’s progress.

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