Technology does not necessarily make you lazy

How you can benefit from the novelties of apps and smart devices 

Constant progress is a part of everyone’s life. Without conscious innovation and random novelties, our lives would be entirely different, and probably you wouldn’t be reading this article on a computer screen, or while scrolling through your news feed on your smartphone.

The widespread of the internet and smart devices has made our daily routines considerably easier. They help us access a lot of interesting information while also saving time, and if you’re not using it excessively, it can serve as a handy source for entertainment. 

Many people think that technological novelties can be harmful for our mental and physical health. Browsing the internet and using smart devices can lead to addiction, make you lazy, and deplete your motivation. 

The reality is, however, that modern technology is not your enemy. If you manage to find the balance between your normal life and your online presence, these devices could prove to be advantageous – even in exercising and training. And how? Read on to find out.

We got rid of many chores, but there are much more

Nowadays, thanks to smart devices we’ve managed to get rid of many chores. This allows us to get much more free time for our daily routine. Thanks to modern technology, it is not only communication that got easier, but gadgets like smartphones and tablets have made our lives much more organised. 

However, the rapid progress of technological development has not only brought us relieving solutions, but new problems as well. Many of us try to focus on multiple things at once, and even more people become dependent on their smart devices. This attitude partially results in our daily routine falling apart, and also in turning people lazy and unmotivated. 

This is also why many people treat smart technology and internet as the nemesis of a healthy way of living. On one hand, this is understandable since some people truly have less time for exercising and to lead a healthy life all because of the virtual world being intertwined with our lives. But in reality, things are more complicated, and, fortunately, less worrying. 

Constant innovations of the online world and the steady progress of smart technology gives perfect opportunities for those who want to use the virtual playground to improve their health, stay loyal to their promise about exercising, or just simply keep progressing towards their long-term goals. Hardware and software related innovations are offering opportunities that help people track their results in a more simple, efficient and safer way – be exercising their hobby, their passion, or their profession. 

The chance is begging for the taking

One of the greatest advantages of having a smart device around is that even a single gadget can combine the perks of several traditional devices in one. During the birth of mobile phones, their only function was to provide an alternative for regular landlines. Then came text messaging (SMS), and eventually the data service, which allowed us to carry a window to the world in our pocket. Smartphones truly revolutionised how we have thought about mobile phones before. 

New industries were founded upon mobile applications, and nowadays apart from social apps, games, and other software for entertainment, you can find various industries on the market such as fitness or a healthy way of living. If you’re someone who wants to start exercising, you can find countless apps like pedometers, calorie counters, diet creators, trainer finders, or training scheduling digital assistants. 

Using smartphones clearly refutes the earlier statement – that is, modern technology makes its user lazier and more careless. According to statistics, certain apps that focus on a healthy way of living or exercising are used by hundreds and thousands of users actively. This is also why apps that help trainers’ routines become easier are also becoming more and more widespread and acceptable. 

A good solution for pupil and trainer alike

Spomoco is one of the best examples for a scheduling assistant app on the market of fitness applications. It simplifies communication between the trainer and their clients, thus offering an efficient solution for trainers and a handy assistant to the clients. 

Spomoco enables trainers to upload or refresh their timetable and to share their most recent training calendar with existing and potential customers as well. Plus, they don’t have to worry about the administrative duties that comes with managing their classes.

Those potential clients who’d like to work out will find the app very handy. Spomoco helps them find and book a training quickly and easily – it takes a single click to book, modify or cancel it. Using the app makes communication between the two sides much simpler, plus it makes exchanging phone calls and emails entirely redundant. And you don’t have to worry about your clients forgetting about their trainings, as the app can send notifications about upcoming events upon request. 

Spomoco is the perfect example to demonstrate the hidden opportunities a simple mobile app can offer to trainers and their pupils alike. The application provides a handy solution for both sides – it’s a digital assistant that takes the administrative burdens off its users’ shoulders, while also helping with the communication between trainer and client.

You can find many apps in the industry that address similar issues by offering a simple solution. This perfectly demonstrates why exercising is not an endangered activity in the era of mobile technology. On the contrary – it vastly improves your chances. 

Life beyond your smartphone

However, smartphones and tablets aren’t the only devices offering you revolutionary technology to assist you while leading a healthy life. 

One of the greatest breakthroughs was the appearance of smart watches. These are handy gadgets that hook you up with various training apps, measuring your heart rate, breathing, burnt calories – the list goes on. What’s more is that smart watches are also capable for assessing these results. 

But smart watches are just the tip of the iceberg. Have you heard about smart jump ropes? Use your Wi-Fi connection to synchronise it with your smart devices, which will enable you to monitor your performance throughout the duration of your training. 

But you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket to find a modern solution that motivates you to train harder. It’s enough if you have a computer with an internet connection, and you can start browsing thousands of training videos – or you can also dial in to a conference call in which people from all around the world participate in a virtual training. 

The first step is the hardest

Many find it difficult to open up towards technological innovations – but let’s not forget that usually the first step is the hardest. If you are open to using a modern solution such as Spomoco’s application, you can get rid of a lot of chores, and you’ll end up having much more free time at your hands for the things you enjoy doing. Being open to novelties also helps your clients reach their goals quicker and in a more spectacular fashion. 

Remember: innovation is inherently good, and apps and smart devices are your friends. Just a handful of modern solutions can lay the foundations of trust between you and your clients, plus it helps you acquire more customers as well. Using an app might seem like a tiny change, but it can bring huge success – the more innovative you are, the greater your advantage will be in your field. 

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