Switching to a new system from the trainer’s and the client’s point of view

Switching to a new system from the trainer’s and the client’s point of view

Switching to a new system from the trainer’s and the client’s point of view 800 533 Smart Calendar for Sport Instructors and Small Health Club

Every beginning seems tough but it doesn’t actually have to be like that

As we all know, living through any kind of change isn’t easy regardless of in which walk of life it happens. This change can be anything from moving, changing workplaces or seemingly minor things like changing your good old gym to a new one. You always need some time to get used to a new and unknown system or environment – this is just the way things go.

It’s pretty much the case when you are trying to switch from paper-based administration to a more modern and efficient alternative. Living through a change can be unusual at first, but as time passes by and you start to learn the advantages of the method, you can easily understand that simple things such as a cleverly designed mobile application can make your weekdays considerably calmer.

Why is it important to be open towards novelties as a trainer?

Before you’d like to deploy some modern and innovative technologies in your work, first you should think the way your clients would. Do the novelties make their life easier as well? If so, how does it happen and how quickly can they adapt to the changes? In order to be confident about implementing the alterations, you have to clarify what exactly you mean by changes.

Throughout your work as a professional, it’s very important to strive for constant development and innovation. This is not only important from a fitness point of view, but you should also keep improving your theoretical skills and your knowledge of the equipment at your disposal. This kind of professional development also means certain changes – not only from your point of view but from your customers’ as well. Adapting to these changes might take some time – but at the end of the day, it will definitely worth the energy invested in it.

Moving your classes from one gym to another within a week, or switching from a paper-based administration to a digital system might cause some inconveniences in the short run, but if you have long plans, these changes will pay off multiple times. Let’s take administration tasks as an example as it’s something that robs the trainer precious time from doing constructive work.

Perks of the necessary changes, from a trainer’s point of view

I think most of you know how much paperwork comes with constantly managing your clients’ registration forms, timetables, bookings and overbookings. Thanks to GDPR having come to effect in the spring of 2018, dealing with basic data didn’t become easier – on the contrary, now it requires even more attention and discretion.

This is why the margin for error is much bigger with traditional administration – chances are higher for mistakes and blunders to occur. We’re only human after all, and paying attention to several things at the same time might result in mistakes. This can happen because of thoughtlessness or the sheer amount of administration of attendance sheets, training plans and timetables – either way, problems caused by administrative errors do not only affect your business but also influence your clients’ opinion about you.

Should there be issues because of cancelled classes or improperly designed training plans, the trust of your clients can waver and you might end up losing their hard-earned loyalty. In this case, it’s only a matter of time and your clients will look for another trainer whom they consider more trustworthy, leaving your classes once and for all.

So, accepting changes for you as a trainer is important because of two aspects.

  • First: By applying certain innovations, you can make your job much easier and save valuable time which you can use for your own professional development or just simply resting.
  • Second: You can make your clients’ job easier, too. Introducing efficient novelties makes it sure that both your old and new clients are equally satisfied with your work. And as we already know it, a satisfied client is also a loyal one.

So, if you are looking for solutions to make your job easier while having a positive effect on your clients as well, you can be sure that the number of customers who change their mind after a few sessions will significantly decrease. On top of that, let’s not forget that a satisfied client can spread the news about your business amongst their relatives or on social media platforms as well.

How does a new application influence your daily routine?

Let’s stick with administrative tasks as an example and inspect how switching from paper-based data management and timetable scheduling to a more modern alternative can influence the everyday life of a trainer.

Thanks to a constantly changing digital world, you don’t have to exclusively rely on computed based databases when it comes to abandoning paper-based administration. Software such as Microsoft Excel make administrative tasks much easier, but some problems might occur which cannot always be corrected by software like this. Creating your timetable dynamically, managing cancellations and overbookings and registering new clients all present challenges which – if using a traditional database software – is still performed manually. Not to mention the formalities of GDPR  you have to watch out for – data protection disclaimer, a safe database and employing someone who ensures secure data management. These are all things that can pose serious issues for you if you are running a one-man business.

Thanks to recent developments in the mobile industry and smart technology, finding a solution to the problems above is just as simple as it is efficient. The dynamically growing industry of mobile applications has a solution for basically every problem in the form of easy-to-use, free (or almost free) apps. Thankfully, this is pretty much the case in the fitness and health development industries as well. The past few years have seen an increase in the number of applications which specifically focus on trainers, yoga instructors or fitness studios in general.

Spomoco© is an app like this – its aim is to take the majority of the administrative workload off the shoulders of trainers and smaller studios working in the fitness and health improvement sectors.

The main idea behind the app is that opposing to traditional data management software, it is capable of managing bookings dynamically while also offering a simple and quick alternative to creating timetables. To top that, trainers don’t have to bother with GDPR-related issues either – Spomoco© takes care of it all. Spomoco’s system is fully compatible with data protection laws which have been in effect since April 2018 and it only requires users to enter the information needed to run your business while storing all the data safely and managing it discretely. Furthermore, it also provides an effective solution for your clients since they can book a session with a simple click , or cancel it in case of schedule changes.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, using Spomoco© can be mastered in no time, so switching from the old data managing systems or phone and e-mail based bookings is not a difficult task for trainers and clients alike.

To sum up

By summarising what you’ve read earlier, it is clear that a freshly introduced innovation or change in your training sessions can only be effective if it makes both your tasks and your clients’ daily routine easier. Consider these changes only if they contribute to your professional development and your clients’ progress as well. If you experience the positive effects of these changes together with your clients, it helps you to forge mutual trust which can have a beneficial impact on not only management related tasks but milestones achieved in your classes. This is how you create your own, regular clientele where attrition rates are low while you start noticing that you can barely squeeze in new sessions to your weekly schedule for new clients.

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