How to get smartphone users join your trainings?

In a world surrounded by smart devices, we have to keep up with the rapid changes. More and more professions recognise the importance of being open towards modern technology and building communities with innovative tools.

This applies to the fitness industry as well – thousands of trainers are becoming aware of the advantages of social media and applications that make their target audience take a step outside of their comfort zone, motivating them to start exercising. 

So why would you be the one missing out on the success? Motivate your online followers to start exercising in real life as well – or, if you haven’t done it before, start building an online community. And if you have concerns, don’t worry – we’ll show how to do it.

Trust the power of communities

De more people you want to reach with your message, the less direct marketing strategies work. Leaflets and posters might work in a local community, but in order to reach the next level, you’d better start thinking big.

Don’t think too big, though – you don’t have to aim for country-wide fame right away. As a first step, you might want to simply create a Facebook group for your clients, and once you’re a little bit more familiar with online community building and interaction, you can open up more towards potential customers.

Creating a page with constantly updated quality content is a good way to reach much more people with your message and acquire more clients for your business.

Motivate your followers

Social media platforms are not only for spreading the word about your trainings. Facebook groups and pages are perfect for posting inspirational videos, pictures and messages.

A couple of expert’s tips or inspirational quotes can help a lot to motivate potential clients hooked up to their smartphones to start exercising. On top of that, contents like this can generate a lot of shares, which will help your business reach out to a lot more potential clients who are up to exercising.

Show something new

Sometimes it might seem that time flies by quicker online than in reality. In order to impress your followers, it’s important that you show something that truly dazzles them – this also help you stay ahead of the curve.

In recent years, fitness application particularly designed for mobile devices have seen a great rise in popularity. These are not only beneficial for your regular clientele, but also lure in more potential clients. 

Using an innovative tool like Spomoco’s scheduling application shows your target audience that you aren’t only an expert trainer – you’re also someone who cares for their clients. Spomoco helps your clients sign up for your classes quickly and in a simple way – plus it serves as a real digital assistant as it looks out for their health. It notifies them about upcoming classes in time, and if they haven’t attended a training for a longer time, it inspires them using reminders so that they don’t forget about the importance of working out. 

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