How to get more followers on Instagram as a trainer?

Apart from Facebook, Instagram is probably the second most popular online marketing tool out there. This platform doesn’t require you to post lengthy articles to get more clicks – actually, you don’t even need any words to efficiently communicate with your followers. Its success lies within this simplicity and its visual nature. Instagram users are crazy about quickly digestible content, and this is why many big companies and even private entrepreneurs integrate the platform into their marketing strategy – much to their success. 

And what’s the best thing about it? Anyone can try. You can start building a cool Instagram profile right away. But how can you bring out the best in this platform as a trainer? Let us show you a couple of tips and tricks to get started. 

Make your goals clear

First and foremost, you should create your Instagram account with a clear goal set in mind. The more specific your goals are, the more likely you’ll be able to build a successful campaign. 

If your aim is to lure in more clients, your profile should focus on the activities at your class and your field of expertise. Similarly, if you want to boost your website’s or blog’s visitor number, share as many relevant picture and videos that lead your audience to your page. 

The more clear and simple your profile is, the easier it is to reach a specific target audience audience, which eventually leads to a higher level of activity and also helps you build an active online community. 

Don’t shy away from novelties!

Most trainers like to share neat, colourful pictures of their training plans, classes, and the meals they have for dinner. But there are only a few who like to step out from their comfort zone and try to share something genuinely new, surprising and entertaining to their followers. 

If you have a creative idea and your feel like your audience might like it, don’t shy away from it just because no one else is doing it. It’s totally worth it to keep up with the latest trends, but keep in mind that trying to catch up with influencers all the time might do more harm than good in the long run. The world might have changed a lot in the past two decades, but creativity is still a virtue – and your followers do not only love but also need and seek genuine, entertaining and informative content. 

Be yourself!

Most Instagram users don’t want to see dry, professional posts from companies in their news feed, but rather honest, real stories about people. The more realistic and simple your profile is, the more your followers will feel like they have something in common when it comes to their goals and values. 

Many recent surveys prove that active Instagram users tend to put their trust into profiles who aren’t afraid of showing who they truly are instead of following those who hide behind a brand or a logo. This is because people can better associate with the regular person and their struggles and successes – they want to hear stories that are inspiring and real at the same time. 

The most important thing is to be adamant about your goals and dare to stand up for them. Don’t refrain from thinking outside the box and being creative. This way you can make it sure that you gain your audience’s trust, and get more followers than what you’d get from sharing standard, dry content on your feed.

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