How to avoid stress efficiently as a trainer?

Many people think that the life of a trainer is simple – their passion is basically their profession. They have nothing to do but teach a few classes for their clients exercise a little and give instructions in the meantime. What they tend to forget is that trainers have to deliver a top-notch performance even if they are having a bad day. You’re most important task as a trainer – in case you didn’t get the memo – is to motivate your clients. 

In order to bring out the best in you, you have to be able to motivate yourself and keep the right balance. Stressful work environments can prevent you from doing that – but you should not allow such obstacles overcome you.

The following article breaks down how you can ease the stress coming with chores. We’d like to give a couple of simple yet useful tips and tricks, which do not only improve your professional life but your private one as well. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Nothing is worse than an undermotivated trainer

You are a trainer so you must be aware of the effects of daily stress. It is not only you being affected by it – your clients also show signs of being under heavy stress and nerve-wrecking pressure. 

A stress client is definitely going to underperform at the gym, with a tendency of being tardy or, what’s even worse, quitting attending your classes altogether. Trainers are no exceptions either. Stress produces similarly severe symptoms on everyone, trainer and student alike.

Being under such levels of stress do not only affect your private life, but your work and performance as well. You just don’t have enough energy for the daily chores, you feel like you don’t have enough free time, and it’s becoming harder and harder to keep all the training sessions in mind. Sounds familiar?

If it does, it’s maybe time for a change. A disorganised, undermotivated trainer is the worst example for a client who wants to develop. You have to be able to handle stress properly and take control over your daily issues. While this might not be an easy task, it’s far from impossible. First off, you have to be aware of all the possible reasons of your stress.

Possible reasons of stress

The problem: Flexible work hours, unpredictable income

Even though the constantly changing work hours are an issue primarily concerning personal trainers, there are situations where trainers training groups are affected. How could that be?

As a freelancer, you are your own boss, and you define your work hours the way you like them most. Should you modify your timetable a lot, however, it’ll be much harder to build a steady clientele. This will make having a steady income quite a big challenge. In order to avoid having such issues, it is worth to create a fixed timetable so that both you and your clients can make plans accordingly. 

The solution: Creating an organised timetable

Creating an organised timetable isn’t an easy task, but it is one of the best solutions the get ducks in a row and to minimize the stress that comes with having a flexible schedule. This will enable you to build your own, steady clientele, and your income will also stabilize as a result. 

Spomoco can help a great deal with creating your timetable. Thanks to its scheduling function, you can make your timetable public in an instant, which will make it available to existing and potential customers alike. A balanced and organised timetable will simultaneously widen your clientele and decrease your stress levels as well. And if you need to modify something, you can get it done with a simple click. Your clients will always get notified about any change, so you can be sure that you won’t have any issues with your weekly routine. 

The problem: Extracurricular errands

Many people forget that being a trainer is just like running any other business that you can do as a freelancer. And due to this, there will always be chores you have to take care of in order to keep your business running. 

The administrative tasks that come with your trainings and your clients can rob a lot of your free time that you’d normally use for personal development, perfecting routines, or just relaxing and having fun. If you feel like the administrative burdens are becoming unbearable and the stress levels are just too high for you too handle, it’s high time you change your approach. 

The solution: A handy digital assistant

Nowadays modern solutions that make paperwork obsolete are becoming widespread, freeing us from the administrative burdens. Spomoco is such an assistant – it is way more than a simple scheduling assistant. Spomoco is your own virtual assistant by your side 24 hours a day, taking care of your administrative duties and gifting you precious free time in the process.

Spomoco helps you manage your existing and potential clients’ data quickly and easily, which saves you a lot of time in the long run. On top of that, you don’t need to create your own data regulation policy as Spomoco handles all data privately and securely – in line with the regulations of GDPR. 

The problem: Difficult clients 

There are people with whom you strike the same chord right away, while there are others who are a bit more difficult to handle. This is perfectly normal – all of us are different and think differently about life. As a trainer though, chances are high that you’ll encounter both client types – and as hard as it may sound, you should step aside your prejudices towards even the most difficult personalities. 

There are some hard-headed clients who are very difficult to get on the same page with. These are the latecomers, the lazy ones, or those who think that they know everything better than anyone else. This might lead to tense situations, which you’ll have to be able to handle efficiently. 

The solution: patience and a little help

Think about your group trainings as a sort of milestone. Leave your troubles behind and focus on one single task. The goal that you are supposed to achieve, together with your clients. You are one team, working together towards the same goal: to help each and every one of you get closer to your own goal, your personal fulfilment. 

Just think about it: you are not only the member of the team, but also its leader. Don’t let problematic clients thwart your progress – consider them as a source of motivation. They’re just another challenge that require your patience. Having the right attitude will eventually break in the most difficult clients, making them just as active and highly performing as anyone else. 

The problem: Compulsion to conform

There is hardly a task more respectable than being a trainer: you can inspire masses and help many people reach their long-term goals. However, having the immense responsibility of delivering picture-perfect trainings each time might feel unbearable. 

Even though you might feel that a cup of coffee and positive thinking can help you bring out the best in yourself, setting your standards too high aren’t going to help you in the long run and might even lead to burn-out. Granted, that is not a trainer most clients dream about. This is why you should learn how to blow off steam. 

The solution: Blowing off steam

In order to avoid the stress that comes from your need to continuously perform at a high level, you have nothing to do – just remember this: you only human. And as such, you also need a little time for kicking back and relaxing. 

In order to be in the best shape at your trainings and to keep acting like a role model for your clients, being prepared is not enough. You have to rest enough and stay healthy – both physically and mentally. 

Apart from preparing for classes, learning more about your field or working out, try to use your free time for things that help you blow off steam and recharge your batteries for the following day. 

Remember – a truly good trainer isn’t just a professional one. It’s important you be able to be an example to follow, and in order to do that, it’s inevitable that your clients regard you as a role mode who motivates them to push their limits and – eventually – give enough energy to reach their long-term goals. 

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