How do free trainings create revenue?

Most fitness centres organise free classes for their clients from time to time – and they do it for a good reason. Guests can pick a training they like, and once they attended the free class, they are free to decide whether they would like to sign up for it based on their experiences. 

When you are a freelancer, organising free classes sounds like a waste of energy and time, but you’d be surprised how effective could these be. You can acquire new clients easily who would otherwise never encounter your trainings or decide to start exercising. 

We’d like to show you how to bring out the best in your free demo classes, and how to use them to expand your regular clientele. 

Take everyone seriously

The kinder you are towards potential clients visiting your free classes, the higher the chances that they will eventually become part of your clientele. Perhaps not everyone at your demo class will sign up for your classes, but let’s say you’ve convinced one out of five people – that’s already a win to chalk up. 

This is why you shouldn’t treat people attending your free classes as if they were ripping you off. Just think about it: if these people meet a kind, energetic, inspiring trainer, the chances are high that they will return. On the contrary, if you put near to zero effort in these sessions, don’t expect to retain any of them. 

Be helpful

The main point of organising a demo class is to give a glimpse on how your classes work and what methods you are using. Be proactive, help people to feel comfortable. Motivate them and instruct them throughout each exercise, and if they have any issues, be there to help them out. 

Before you get right into it, it is worth doing a quick introduction, and you might also want to have a short discussion at the end of the class. This helps people ask questions about your trainings, and share their first impressions and experiences. 

Show why you are the top choice

Since there are many personal trainers and fitness centres, it’s simply not enough to perform at a high level. It’s worth showcasing what you have to offer except for the constant motivation and progress. This will help you differentiate your service from your competition in the eye of potential clients.

Show them that you are a serious trainer and won’t waste their time. Being organised is more than just a task, and you strive for being punctual and reliable at the same time. They should feel that their free time is just as valuable as your own. Make the sign-up process as quick and simple as possible, and help your clients to organise their routine so that they have time for exercising. 

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