How can you make your clients exercise regularly?

Many of us want to change the way we live, but the everyday rush only allows a fragment of the population to implement an actual change. Apart from our responsibilities, it is indeed tough to manage our free time – but let’s not forget what they say: you have time for what you make time for

As a trainer, you are the one who has the greatest impact on the less confident clients, and that’s why we brought you a couple tips that can help you convince your clients that scheduling a couple of trainings is not that big of a task as it might seem at first. 

Find a good reason to change

The first step on the road towards leading a different life is being aware of our goals. The stronger your clients’ goals are, the more determined they are going to work to reach them. And in order to avoid them giving up halfway through, you can help a lot. 

Discuss long-term goals, and set short-term milestones that are easy to reach and give a sense of satisfaction. These smaller goals are great at motivating people not to give up on regular exercising and eating healthily even after harder weeks or trainings. 

Prioritisation is a superpower

All of us juggle with plenty of chores and responsibilities throughout the week. Apart from work, we have to have time for our family, friends, and acquaintances. This rush sometimes makes us forget about saving some time for ourselves, and, just a few times a week, pay attention to nothing but our physical and mental wellbeing.

If your clients say that they don’t have enough time for themselves, you should nudge them to rethink their weekly schedule. Re-organising a couple of programs can work wonders, and fixing a chaotic schedule does not only free valuable time, but it can also bring new structure that makes adapting a new lifestyle much easier. 

Having a proper schedules isn’t impossible

You might think your reasoning is immaculate, but there’ll always be sceptics who, instead of taking the plunge, prefer postponing all the time. These people usually say that they’re just incapable of organising their routine, and that is also why exercising regularly is impossible.

Having a proper, well-organised schedule is not an insurmountable task. You just have to treat exercising as part of the routine, and, unless someting important comes in, it should be regarded as the firmest part of your schedule. 

Spomoco’s scheduling application is an ideal solution for all the clients who seek for a simple yet efficient tool for organising their daily routine. By using Spomoco, your clients can book an appointment days or even weeks ahead of time – this allows them to organise their daily routine with their trainings serving as a focal point. This is how exercising becomes a part for the routine – something that both the body and the soul longs for. 

Progress is the greatest motivation

The first steps are always hard – and this is something you have to make your clients aware of. Regular exercising is an unusual and even unpleasant thing during the first few weeks, but if you don’t give up at the beginning, you’ll quickly get the hang of it – so much so that in a few weeks, you won’t be able to imagine your life without it.

The real source of motivation? It’s those first, spectacular results. Dropping a few kilograms, running a few kilometres without catching your breath, or doing 20 push-ups without stopping. These are turning points for the most of us, providing a real sense of success. Experiences like this push you to go further, and instead of postponing trainings, you just can’t wait to exercise again and get just a tiny step closer to making your dreams come true. 

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