Help your busy clients make weekly training part of their routine!

One of the biggest issues people have to face nowadays is the lack of time. Most of us are only able to have a little time for exercising on a weekly basis by making huge sacrifices. When you have a regular job, a family and other errands to run, it’s pretty hard to keep track of your chores – but you should also know that nothing is impossible. Having some structure and planning ahead can work wonders – actually, you would be surprised how much time it could save you in the long run.

Now let us give you a couple of tips on how to help even your busiest clients with creating a weekly routine that includes regular workouts. 

Set long term goals early on

Before you would get down to work, discuss your clients’ goals, desires and earlier experiences. Having a brief chat about the reasons for working out and the milestones they want to reach can help a lot. Once you’ve gathered all the info, creating a training plan is much easier. By adjusting the goals, creating a timetable also becomes easier, not to mention that your clients will have more control over their work-life balance. 

If planning is hard, get some help

So as you can see, a lack of free time is usually a result of being disorganised or not having a structure in your daily routine. Now imagine that you have the right tool to create your schedule – you would definitely have more free time to focus on yourself and your health. Apart from being a perfect companion for trainers, Spomoco also provides a perfect alternative for your clients for organising their weekly routine. They can use the app to book classes in advance, but it also motivates them to constantly pay attention to their fitness by sending reminders and notifications about upcoming sessions.

Make trainings fun

The more people enjoy your classes, the more likely that they will return to your gym week-by-week. Apart from designing new routines, spare some time for creating fun and engaging classes for your clients. If you have a little time and you aren’t busy developing your professional skills, improve your communicational skillset a little. The more efficiently you can put your message through, the more your clients will pay attention to you – and that’s the shortest way to get the appreciation you are after.

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