Help! What should I post to get more followers?

We’ve talked about this countless times – self-marketing and social media platforms are inevitable when you are a freelancer trainer. Thanks to social media pages and groups, you can both retain your clientele and reach new, potential clients with your message.

But this can only work if you have interesting and engaging content – something that truly draws the interest of those who love exercising.

And how to do it properly? We collected a couple of examples to show you how the prefect, engaging and exciting fitness content looks like – the kind that will help you get more and more new clients eager to start exercising. 

Interesting articles

The more exciting and relevant content you are sharing with your target audience, the higher the chances that you’ll reach new people with your posts. Interesting content leads to an increased amount of shares, which leads to not only your followers but their acquaintances reading the articles and posts you’ve shared.

You can post basically any text-based content on your website – this can be an article you’ve written or even a blog post by a well-known expert in your field. The point is to always keep an eye on posting articles with credible sources – similarly, don’t post too dry and dull content, and focus on articles that are both informative and entertaining at the same time. 

Visual content

We live in a world where our attention span is constantly decreasing, and we don’t have time for reading a lot. However, our hunger for new impulses and information is still present, so we switched to consuming visual content. Pictures with inspirational quotes or short videos about your trainings are very popular – no wonder there, as these are all easy-to-digest content, which can easily generate a lot of views and shares for a trainer. 

It’s worth striving for sharing high quality visual content on your platforms as regularly as you can. The point is that – even if they aren’t strictly related to your trainings – they should be always about your field of expertise and the types of activities you’re engaging in. 

Have a proper strategy

In order to acquire more followers, it’s important that you have a proper strategy for publishing new content. If you post twice a day for a week, but then neglect your feed for the next days or even weeks, it can harm your reach big time. 

Precision is just as important in social media marketing as it is in your daily routine, and if you neglect our followers, they can easily abandon your page and forget about you and your business. 

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