Help – my clients are deserting me!

Do you feel like even though you are doing your utmost, too many clients are deserting you? Don’t worry, losing clients usually don’t automatically mean that you’re a bad trainer. 

However, your organisational and communication skills are just as important as your professional experience, so it might be possible that you have to change or transform a couple of routines. And how? The following article will shed some light on the matter. 

Be confident

Most people choose group trainings because in order to ensure a steady progress, they require a strong, charismatic leader. In this case, this leader is You. You are the one whose professional knowledge and exceptional communicational abilities guide those who want to improve. This is why it’s vital that – apart from being an expert at what you do – you make the impression of a confident person, who, if it’s needed, can motivate and help their clients. 

Your clients should come first

Your main task as a trainer is to sell a service that helps people to develop their physical and spiritual well-being. This is why it’s paramount that you be doing your job with enthusiasm and devotion, while also keeping an eye on your clients’ needs. If they need some help before performing a certain exercise, explain what is exactly required. If you feel like they’re becoming uncertain regarding their goals, motivate and support them. 

The more you display that their goals are equally important for you as well, the more trust they will have towards you and the more certain you’ll become that they’ll stay by your side. 

Be good at organising

We’ve already mentioned many times that precision is the cornerstone of trust. The more precise your classes are, the more trustworthy you are becoming in the eyes of your clients. Precision and being good at organising are skills you can learn easily – you can use plenty of tricks to always appear thorough at what you are doing.

Spomoco’s application helps you schedule your classes, plus as a virtual assistant it also takes off the administrative duties from your shoulders. The extra energy you get can be used for what matters for you the most: your personal happiness and your clients’ satisfaction.

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