Exercising and being a trainer in the digital era

You might have heard the menacing claim that technology makes us grow lazier. As you’re sitting in front of the computer or just mindlessly scrolling your phone, you tend to forget about exercising. This is true to some extent – but as always, the coin has two sides. In reality, modern technology isn’t only preventing you from exercising, it can actually be an excellent source for motivation. All you have to do is learn how to utilise these novelties properly.

The online world and smart devices offer a great opportunity for trainers who are looking for ways to ease their workload, and it also helps clients who struggle with making daily exercising a part of their routine. And how can computers, tablets and smartphones help you stay fit? This article will reveal the great secret for you. 

Online trainings

Thanks to the internet and the social media, it has become possible to communicate with our relatives and friends who live far away from us – uninterruptedly. The different chat apps are both fast and cost-efficient, and thanks to their video-call options, interactions are made much more smooth and personal. No wonder that apart from messaging apps, many industries offer online video courses for their customers.

It might come as a surprise, but the fitness industry is no exception either. Earlier it might have been unthinkable, but nowadays online trainings have become widespread. The audience can join the virtual gym, and as they follow the instructions of the trainer they can perform each exercise at their homes. 

It’s another question whether a training without the trainer’s (or the pupil’s) physical presence can be efficient. The itself is fascinating, and most probably working out with the help of a video is more beneficial than not having enough time for exercising altogether. 

Online courses

If you want to be the best trainer in your field, it’s inevitable that – apart from getting better physically – you expand your theoretical knowledge relentlessly. A little while ago studying was quite a tedious process – you had to sign up for a course or purchase a heavy book on the topic. Nowadays most theoretical courses can be completed online with ease. 

One of the greatest advantages of online courses is that you don’t have to adjust your own calendar to a previously set timetable. It’s up to you and your approach how your progress, and you don’t have to worry about storing all those heavy books – the syllabus can be either found online, or in eBook format. 

Fitness applications

Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches were one of the greatest breakthroughs for the software market. Earlier it was unthinkable to have an app for basically anything, but nowadays you there is an app for every problem – and it all fits your pocket. 

Unsurprisingly, this is pretty much the case with exercising as well. There are more and more apps which aim to motivate users to get moving, or just to assist trainers with their work. Pedometers, calorie counters, you name it – there are plenty of solutions that help you take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Spomoco is a versatile app that is useful for both the trainer and the client. Its scheduling functions make organising classes easier and more efficient. Thanks to its search function, anyone can easily find your courses and book and appointment with a single click. Spomoco is a real digital assistant – it makes communicating with your clients easier and smoother, plus you can wave good-bye to all the administrative burdens as well. 

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