Build your community – with the most effective offline and online tools

Build your community - with the most effective offline and online tools

Building a community is an inevitable step today in the life of a well-functioning company

Community events, open days both contribute to the effectiveness of how close you can move your services to the needs of your audience. And you can maintain contact with your clients with online tools too besides meetings and events.

Trust is based on working together

For businesses dealing with fitness and health and for personal trainers open days, group workouts present a big opportunity. Meeting you potential future clients will help you spread the word about your services and makes your communication more personal.

If you organize such events for like-minded individuals you can count on the emergence of cohesion and a spirit of community. This is an essential part in building trust and engagement towards your brand.

Build an effective community with online tools

Offline events are great for regular guests and potential future guests to meet. But it is almost impossible to reach new audiences open to our message without using online tools.

In online community building social media is the most important tool today

The greatest of course is Facebook where besides operating business pages offering quality content you can also create groups and help your community grow. Creating a group not only brings together a brand or personal trainer and clients. Group activity is an important element in shaping local communities.

Building a community online is much more simple if you leverage options like creating invites for different events. Events that you communicate in the virtual space can be open days, group trainings, competitions or online games. Your options are limited only by your imagination.

By inviting members of your own group, you can help the forming a cohesive community.

Az online közösségépítést olyan funkciók segítik, mint a különböző eseményekre történő felhívások egyszerű létrehozása.

How to manage your events?

Dark side of building a community is managing, organizing everything continuously. If you want to avoid problems you might need some help with that.

Planning and managing is stressful if you do it on paper, in Excel sheets or free administration tools with limited options. The most helpful for you would be an application where you can manage everything in one place, quick and effective without loosing important data that you wrote down on a piece of paper.

Spomoco is an online tool that can help you not only plan community events and managing them but will also help you in reducing administration in your everyday work

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