5+1 things that every rookie trainer should before starting a business

Most athletes’ dream is to have enough time for exercising during the weekdays as well. Being a trainer is a pretty appealing profession, and if you have the determination needed, it’s not impossible to make your hobby your job.

But before you’d decide to quit your current job and start operating as a trainer, there are a couple of things you should know on how to be successful within your field and how you could build your own, loyal clientele.

This article doesn’t merely list tips for those who contemplate the idea of becoming a a trainer, but we also included pieces of advice for those who have just started the careers as fitness or yoga instructors. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Before getting down to it, gather a lot of experience

So, in order to build a steady clientele, you have to be reliable, credible, and – primarily – experienced in your field when it comes to exercising. This is why it’s important that before starting your career, you should get as much experience in your field as you can. 

Read as many books related to your field as possible, or attend courses that can help you get closer to your goals. The point is to constantly learn and develop both physically and mentally. Apart from this, you should also keep up with the latest trends of the fitness world. Gauge the market – know your competition and observe those from whom you feel like you can learn a thing or two, be it a new routine or even a marketing strategy. 

And if you feel that you truly want to become a trainer, start working at a studio where you can gather experiences. If you start your career with people who are veterans of your field, you will not only learn useful techniques, but also how to lead a business. You’ll get to learn more about the people and how to meet their needs and expectations. 

Minimal attrition is okay, and anything higher is evitable

The moment you start your career it will seem like building a steady and loyal clientele is very difficult, if not impossible. People come and go, and most of them never return again, leaving you thinking you’ve messed something up seriously. 

It’s possible that you didn’t actually mess up anything – attrition is a normal phenomenon that occurs not only to beginners but even the coolest trainers and their groups. But if you struggle to expand your clientele after months and you just don’t have enough regular clients, it’s worth considering changing a thing or two in your approach. 

Most of the times the reason behind a high attrition rate is that the trainer’s services do not meet the expectations of the client. This is not purely about quality – being disorganised can also be a cause of this. If your clients aren’t able to attend your trainings because of schedule issues or their errands, it can have a negative effect on your business. So take a look at your business – do you feel like things are disorganised and chaotic a little? If that’s the case, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. 

Spomoco is the perfect solution in cases like this. Thanks to the app, you do not only make sign up for your classes much easier, but modifying dates or just communicating with your clients also becomes much smoother. The application makes your and your clients’ routine much easier, thus reducing attrition rates below an acceptable level. 

Practice is important, theory is crucial

Nowadays, the flow of information has dramatically increased, and this is why – just like in any walk of life – it’s very hard to keep up with the trends of the fitness world as the knowledge required to succeed as a trainer gets updated by the minute. We’ve already mentioned the idea of progressing constantly, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to be just as sharp mental as you are strong physically. 

Thanks to social media, keeping up with all the novelties is easier than ever, so you can be up-to-date in every topic related to your work. Various platforms and blogs lets you access all kinds of information just by a single click – and what’s more, most of this content is free to view. 

But the most important thing is that you should always view content that comes from professionally relevant and credible sources. As vast the internet is, if you aren’t careful enough, it’s pretty easy to encounter misleading or unprofessional content.

Follow trends, but don’t get too crazy about them

Since we’ve mentioned the latest trends, it’s worth discover the topics a little bit more. Surely, it’s your duty to keep up with the latest updates in your profession and how the fitness world is changing, but you should also keep in mind that your job is not to track down the most recent craze or to accommodate to others’ expectations.

Sure thing, it’s good to be aware of the stuff going around in the fitness world, so integrating a couple of things into your trainings won’t do any harm. However, if you try to integrate a new craze every month, you won’t allow your students to get used to either of the programs. 

If you truly are a good trainer, you can only be credible and popular at the same time if you are a real professional in what you do, by constantly expanding on your knowledge. And while keeping up with the trends is indeed important, you should only observe them to understand how and why they are successful. And if you figure out the solution, you’ll also be able to implement it in your own marketing strategy. 

It’s important that you communicate properly

The better you are with people, the easier your job will become with your clients. Possessing a great set of communicational skills helps you a lot with organising classes and teaching in general. 

The more you know your clients, the more you’ll be able to understand them, and the more you’re on the same page, the more certain you can be that the foundations of a good trainer-student relationship has been created. 

Apart from understanding your clients, it’s also important how you present yourself and your business towards the world. Marketing is just inevitable – even in the life of a trainer. In order to be recognised, try to advertise on as many platforms as you can, and apart from local ads, use social media and online presence as well. Professional events and conferences are also perfect places for showcasing your business to rivals and potential customers alike. 

It’s not just about working out

We left the most important thing to last. Before you’d get down to working as a freelance trainer, you should know that it’s no easy task and it isn’t only about earning hobby by doing your hobby. Being a trainer is a profession just like any other entrepreneurial activity, and in order to make ends meet, some of your tasks will be related to administration, such as putting together a training’s agenda or designing your weekly schedule. 

So, if you want to make these mundane chores as effortless as possible, Spomoco is a perfect companion. Its scheduling assistant takes the administrative burdens off your shoulders, it makes keeping touch with clients easier, plus it assist you with creating your schedule as well. 

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