5+1 reasons why your clients will love Spomoco© Timetable Manager for sport instructors

5+1 reasons why your clients will love Spomoco© Timetable Manager for sport instructors

5+1 reasons why your clients will love Spomoco© Timetable Manager for sport instructors 800 533 Smart Calendar for Sport Instructors and Small Health Club

Do you go out your way to get more and more clients week by week? If you managed to keep your clients and motivate them so that only a small amount of them dropped out, you wouldn’t necessarily need a constant influx of new customers. Your long-term goal as a freelancer trainer should be creating a sporty, motivated community .

Imagine there was an application which cost you a dime yet you could reach your goals with it at the lowest fluctuation rate within your clientele – would you use that app? If your answer is “yes”, then we have some pretty good news for you – this application exists and it’s called Spomoco©.

Spomoco© is an application which offers a quick and modern alternative for organising your training sessions efficiently. Shrug off the unnecessary burdens of administrative tasks and make your clients’ daily routine much easier. And if you feel your clients might be afraid of making a switch to a new system, let us show a couple of reasons which will definitely convince them that adapting to the change is worth it.

So what exactly does Spomoco© offer to you and your clients?

Constant motivation

Do you find yourself always nagging your clients about upcoming training sessions or unbooked appointments? Do you have to remind them about their classes but you find it difficult not to appear too pushy?

Giving notifications and sending out reminders personally to your clients is a pretty nice thing to do, but it is also a task requiring a lot of attention from your side. But what if you had an application in your hands which can remind your clients about their upcoming training sessions? What if it sent out a friendly reminder after skipping a couple of courses, notifying them that they should be booking an appointment? What if this application could do this shortly before your courses would start? This way you could fill up the vacant slots efficiently with clients who happen to have some free time and up for a little exercising.

All the above is possible with Spomoco©. The application does not only help you with booking appointments but with the help of various notifications it also reminds and motivates your clients to return to your sessions week by week, thus achieving their previously set goals.

Your virtual assistant is always ready to help your clients

By using Spomoco© you don’t need to be ready in every single second since you can be available for your clients through the application 24/7. Your customers can basically book or cancel appointments with ease from anywhere and anytime they want.

This can be done at any point during the day so that you, the trainer don’t have to spend your precious free time with administration. No more unnecessary e-mails and phone calls – just one simple and easy-to-use application that helps you manage everything in one place. Spomoco© can make your and your clients’ life much easier in the blink of an eye.

Different clients, different needs

There are more extroverted people and there are those who are more introverted. We all think differently and react in new, uncommon situations in different ways – which is completely normal. A more extroverted client will find no difficulty in picking up the phone and booking an appointment, while a more shy customer who finds it harder to communicate will prefer to get in touch with you without personal communication. This is a typical characteristic of those who want to attend your training sessions to overcome their complexes or their dissatisfaction with their bodies.

The virtual booking system offered by Spomoco© helps even the less confident clients who are afraid of personal communication sign up for your courses with greater self-confidence.

Apart from this, booking appointments virtually also serves as a sort of confirmation – those who signed up for your course through the application will be less likely to cancel their selected appointment.

A constant sense of safety

Has it happened to you that one of your clients forgot about their upcoming training session and didn’t show up at your class? Or even worse, you forgot about delivering a course on a given week?

By using Spomoco© forget misunderstandings like this – once you have someone new signing up, the system sends out a notification about the upcoming training session to you and your client as well. After signing up for your class, your customers will receive updates about any possible changes pertaining to their courses. The system basically sends out an automatic reminder if a training session is cancelled or if its time or location changes.

Easily accessible timetable anytime and anywhere

By using Spomoco© your clients don’t have to put all their booked appointments into their calendars anymore, nor they have to look around in Facebook groups and websites about which courses are still available. It’s enough if they open the application and sign up or modify the appointments of their choice.

This is not only a useful option for them but for you as well – you will bother yourself much less with the administration, modifying the list of attendees or announcing vacant slots. Spomoco© practically takes care of all the important tasks instead of you which are indispensable for creating a timetable.

Your clients’ data are safe

So you still haven’t got down learning about GDPR? Or you have actually got your clients signed all the papers required but you have no idea if you’ve been doing it right? Not to mention that you have to repeat it with every single new client? Did you know that a software promoting online booking solves all the problems related to your clients’ data protection?

Spomoco© is a secure system which is completely compatible with GDPR – its developers emphasised compliance with every single data regulation law in the EU. This way the app does not only take off the burdens of administrative tasks off freelancer trainers’ and studios’ shoulders, but it also spares you from dealing with the extra responsibility that comes with managing your clients’ data.

When you are using the online booking system, you don’t have to get every single client sign a separate disclaimer on data protection. The application takes care of it since it is the one responsible for storing the data.

Does it look complicated and are you afraid of losing clients?

We all know that changing your own habits or others’ is not an easy task, but our track record shows that switching to Spomoco© isn’t only quick and simple but also efficient.

According to our customers’ feedback, it’s super easy for clients to get used to managing their bookings or cancellations through the application – even for older users who use the internet less frequently and didn’t like the idea of switching in the first place.

If you manage to hold your target audience together, you can make both your job and your client’ lives much easier. On top of this, you can also reach those who don’t have a Facebook account.

No smartphone, no internet? No problem, the ``offline user`` feature is there to help!

If you really think that you have a couple of clients who wouldn’t be able to use an application which requires internet access, there’s a solution for them as well. Even though it’s quite rare for someone not to have a smartphone, PC or internet access, it does occur every once in a while. Fortunately, you don’t have to deny yourself the opportunity to develop your business just because a few clients refuse to adapt to the changes.

Spomoco© is the only fitness booking system which helps you to manage these clients’ appointments by the “offline user” function. This feature lets the application handle the date of users who don’t connect to the system online. This way the rest of your clientele can still use the application and you won’t have an extra workload because of the administrative tasks.

Trainers said

If you don’t believe us, read feedback from some of the trainers who had trusted Spomoco© enough to switch – and they never looked back ever since.

Dóri Halasi, TRX trainer – “I had been insisting on using a paper and a pen for booking appointments, and at the end I’d often have so many notes and corrections that I had no clue who, when and where booked what. Since I’ve been using Spomoco©, everything is clear and simple. It has become my best friend and all my clients agree that it’s very cool!”

Szilvia Gróf, studio owner – “I’ve had my fears but I didn’t have any other choice but to improve myself. Spomoco© answered nearly 400 messages within two days instead of me. The result? I’m starting to feel better, I’m not stressed anymore, the clients are glad that they’re part of a community, not to mention that today I had the chance to talk to my customers in person instead of being glued to my phone. This feeling is invaluable – thank all of you!

Kriszta Kovács, senior trainer – “Spomoco© made a roaring debut in my group of elderly (ages 60 and above). 20 successful registrations without any assistance, 1 gave it up. I’m still talking to that one :).”

Clients said

If you don’t believe us, read feedback from some of the trainers who had trusted Spomoco© enough to switch – and they never looked back ever since.

Anna, spinracing: “This app is so cool”

Timi, spinracing: “Aww dear, I forgot to mention how awesome this Spomoco© app is! I just love getting lost in it!

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