4 tips to get your newbie clients hooked up on regular exercising

Many people hit the gym driven by an impulse. They stay motivated for a few occasions until their initial momentum. Later on, this enthusiasm starts fading, and after a few weeks or months – lacking the results and motivation – these people give it up. 

If you are a trainer, you can do a lot to avoid situations like this. You are the primary source for motivation – you are the key link for your clients leading a healthy lifestyle. Let us show you 4 tips that you can share with your clients, and rest assured that your attrition rates will decrease over time. 

Set clear goals

We are all different, and that’s why our goals with exercising and fitness can also be different. Some people want to drop a few kilos with their regular trainings, while others choose exercising as a leisure time activity. This is why your clients should be fully aware of their own goals and what results they want to see at your trainings.

It’s also important that – apart from a long-term goal that is hard to reach – your clients set smaller goals that are much more attainable. These milestones keep them motivated and stop them from being discouraged – even if their dreams seem almost unreachable. 

Choose a role model

It’s important that your clients are aware that the aim of your trainings isn’t about performing at a high level. It is about the learning curve – to improve a little each day. This is why they shouldn’t compare their performance to those who are much more skilled in training than they are. 

That friend who has been working out for years, the fit-crazy co-worker or the body-builders on the cover photos are probably not the best role models. If a rookie compares their performance to someone much more experienced, it often leads to disappointment. Individual performance should always be evaluated based on given person’s own skill level.

Bring a friend along

Many people find it difficult to hit the gym regularly without having any familiar faces hanging around. One of the greatest advantages of working out in a group is about the inspiring atmosphere – plus you can train with your friends and acquaintances as well. Once your clients register on Spomoco, they can see where their friends go training. Needless to say, this is a great boost for their motivation. 

Having a friend around does not only serve as a source for motivation, but it also helps the less extroverted clients loosen up at your trainings. This is primarily why it’s worth to encourage every client to bring a friend along to your classes. 

Make exercising part of the daily routine

The more routine you have while doing certain things, the higher the chances that you won’t even realise that they became a part of your daily routine. But in order to make something an integral part of your day, you’ll have to plan carefully. 

This is the case with exercising as well. If you start organising your routine around your trainings, they’ll become an indispensable part of your schedule. However, we live in a world where creating a proper weekly routine can be bit of a challenge. 

Spomoco’s scheduling assistant allows your clients book trainings well ahead of time, which allows them to organise the rest of their day based on their appointment. This makes training an integral part of their lives, which means that they won’t abandon your classes even during busier periods. 

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