3+1 traits of a good trainer

We’ve discussed this topic in some length before. Professional knowledge and physical condition are not everything. So what does it take to be regarded as a good fitness instructor?

We decided to summarise our experiences and collect all our attributes that most clients consider a must-have if you want to be a really good and reliable trainer. So let’s get started!


Most of us like to be around people who have a positive approach and do everything with huge enthusiasm. This happens even if their lives poses obstacles that are hard to overcome. One of the greatest tasks of a trainer is to support their clients and motivate them constantly, so that they can reach their long-term goals and realise their plans. 

Positive thinking and an inspirational aura are just inevitable in such a career. The happier you are while working, the more satisfied and motivated your clients will be. And just like we said: a satisfied client is a loyal client. 

Being punctual

Those who are punctual have a tendency to living an organised, exemplary life. This is why, as a trainer, you simply cannot allow yourself the luxury of being late from your own classes or forget about a previously booked session.

Some say that if your memory isn’t perfect, you should always jot down everything. This might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but there is some merit to it. You can become more precise with practice, and apart from taking notes, you can find plenty of modern solutions to help you on a daily basis. 

Uses Spomoco and stop worrying about forgetting a date or being late from your training. Thanks to the app’s scheduling functions, you can become a reliable and punctual trainer – just like the person your current and future clients need. 


The most important trait above all – a good trainer should be skilled and reliable, plus also open towards developing themselves. Think about yourself as a lecturer – if you choose this field as your profession, you virtually become teacher. Your clients will attend your trainings to be taught and instructed, and this is only possible if you possess the necessary knowledge and physical capabilities. 

Being cool

Last but not least, it’s also important that you can’t be surprised by a new situation and that you know how to communicate with your clients. This is by a certain degree of coolness is inevitable. The more routine you have, the easier it’ll become to deal with even the most problematic clients, and the more likely that they will turn to you should they need help with reaching their goals. 

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