3+1 characteristics which make you a powerful motivator

One of the most important tasks of a trainer is to fuel the passion of their clients on a daily basis so that they can reach their long-term goals. So, in order to become a good trainer, you have to learn how to manage and have a lasting effect on people.

But what are the characteristics that can truly make you, the trainer, a really good motivator? We’ve put together four basic attributes that can help you become the motivational force your clients seek for. 

Be energetic and eager

A really good trainer knows that – during any session – communication and confidence are just as important as the quality of the presented exercises. The more devoted and energetic you are wen you get down to your classes, your positive vibes will be contagious and your clients will enjoy your sessions much more. 

Be empathic with your clients

One of the main disadvantages of training with a group is that you have less time for those clients who tend to lag behind a little, or find it tough to perform certain exercises the proper way. If you feel like any of your clients appear to be having any difficulties, spare some time to show them how to do the given exercise properly, thus helping the catch up with the rest. 

If you feel like you need more practice, have a chat with these clients before or after the session, and try to come up with a plan that helps them progress quicker and enables them to reach their goals within a reasonable time. 

Lead by example

Your clients regard you as the true manifestation of a healthy way of living. You are the motivational force that helps them live a healthy live to its fullest – all through exercising. This is why, even if you have some guilty pleasures, you should focus on nothing but your work. Refrain from smoking before training in a public space, and try to avoid that yummy donut until getting home.

Be precise and reliable

Yes, we’ve mentioned this earlier, but it’s never enough to emphasise its importance. A particularly good trainer is always precise and reliable – they always have time to get ready before each training to make sure everything goes smoothly.

When it comes to being precise, creating a fixed and reliable schedule can help a lot – this lets your clients tailor their routine according your timetable. There is virtually nothing better than Spomoco to help you out – the aim of this app is to send precise and timely notifications about your timetable and possible changes in case you have something urgent coming up in the last minute. 

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