3+1 characteristics of a good trainer

What defines a good trainer? This is a pretty subjective matter, and the answer varies depending on the field of expertise and the methodology as well. But there are a few characteristics that a trainer can always benefit from quickly and easily. A good trainer is not only skilled but is also able to manage people – not to mention that they should be capable of going the extra mile.

And how? Read on to find out. 


First and foremost, experience and professional knowledge is something you can’t substitute with anything else. Training requires practice, which means that you should be able to transfer your knowledge efficiently. This is why it’s inevitable that your expertise be unquestionable, and that you also have some experience in people management. 

Possessing the expertise means that you both have the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills. In order to acquire the professional experience, you’d better not start your career as a freelancer. Instead, try to land a job at various gyms and studios to learn the craft that you’ll later on translate into a successful freelancing career. 

You can also gain experience by teaching a few friends in a small group behind closed doors. This enables you to simultaneously practise and spend time with the ones you fancy the most.

Communicative skills

A truly inspiring person is not only experienced, but also charismatic. These people strive to wrap their teachings into a comprehensible and motivating format. 

Demonstrating how to certain routines is the essence of group classes. A good trainer is not only mindful about creating proper routines, but also pays attention to delivery. This enables them to communicate the essence of their classes towards everyone in an interesting, entertaining yet straightforward way. 

An urge to improve

Be it theoretical or practical knowledge, a truly good trainer never satisfies with the status quo. They do not only strive to keep their knowledge and fitness levels at a high level, but also show eagerness to learn new things and stay ahead of the curve. 

Physical fitness is a must for constant development, and so as expanding professional knowledge, and being open towards novelties. A good trainer keeps up with the latest trends of the fitness world while also trying to integrate them into their work process. 

One step ahead of the curve

Last but not least, a good trainer always relies on their experience and awareness to be one step ahead of the curve, be it new training techniques, introducing new equipment or brand new technologies at his trainings. A good trainer never shies away from implementing modern solutions that lift him above the competition

We live in an era where trends shift within days, so it’s pretty hard to come up with something new. However, there are a few opportunities that allow you to be ahead of the curve. 

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