3 tips to survive summer heat

Exercising regularly is a daunting task for many. On top of that, during the summer heat while on vacation, it can be an even bigger challenge. Surely, everyone deserves a few weeks of vacation, but if you aren’t paying attention, it can easily become a month-long hiatus, then two months, and then you’ll end up quitting on exercising altogether. 

This article shows you a couple of tips that can help your clients stay motivated and inspired about exercising regularly – even during the hottest days of summer. 

The air-conditioner is your friend

A lot of people don’t dare to get out from home during the hottest days – and the idea of sweating for hours in a hot, unvented room makes some freak out. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – the lack of air-conditioning at a gym can be greatly demotivating. Working out in 30 degrees makes you wear out quicker, not to mention that dehydration also affects your body earlier. 

In order to motivate your clients attend your classes during the summer, it might be worth considering organising your classes in rooms that are air-conditioned and vented even during the hottest days in summer. Moreover, having the option of an ice-cold shower can also be a great addition to your gym. 

Go outside

Even though the heat and harmful UV radiation make exercising outside pointless during the day, circumstances are more than ideal during early mornings and evenings. This is a perfect opportunity to leave the gym behind and do the regular exercises outside. 

You don’t necessarily have to plan a complex session – it’s more than enough if you hold a few trainings at the nearby park or the school’s courtyard. Working out in the nature is much healthier, and the temporary change of environment can have a positive impact on each of your clients. 

Re-organising can work wonders

Getting on the same page schedule-wise during the summer is not an easy task: most people take at least a week or two off. Come June, and even the most meticulous routine can be ruined, even though it took you months to set it up. 

However, if you’re able to organise your routine consciously, taking a short break shouldn’t damage your schedule in the long run. And fortunately, organising your timetable and booking appointments well ahead of time is done effortlessly. 

This is where Spomoco’s scheduling application leaps to the fray. It serves as a digital assistant to help us create a weekly routine, with our trainings in the limelight. Using the application help you set dates months ahead of time, and your clients can sign up with a single click. 

Spomoco does not only help with organising: it also constantly reminds your clients about upcoming classes and the importance of not skipping any of them. And eventually, this will also reinforce them that taking a few days off will never do any damage to their routine.

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