3 tips to lure in new clients

Expanding your clientele while trying to make up for clients dropping out requires your constant attention. If you take your job seriously, it’s almost inevitable to spare some time for self-marketing and constantly developing yourself. Fortunately, a couple of simple tricks can make these otherwise tiresome daily tasks easier. And how? Read on to find out!

Offer more than a mere service

It’s important as a freelancer trainer to make personal brand well-known and reliable in your field. Strive to appear at as many professional events and platforms as possible, and try to participate in as many social activities as you can. Build your own brand, create an online community, and set up your own website. Use these platforms to share as many interesting and useful content with your followers as you can. 

Fine – but what content? Well, it can be a quick and free training plan, or useful tips on how to work out on a weekly basis. These are all things that generate likes and shares, which make your name more known, your personal brand develop, and your credibility grow. And this is exactly why – despite of not spending a dime on it – this way of self-advertising can lure in new clients for your business. 

Invest smart

Many people consider marketing as a work of the devil, but you shouldn’t shy away from advertising your services on various platforms. Invest some of your income in professional online advertising, build a pro marketing strategy, and spend on targeted ads as well. Take every opportunity that can help your business reach as many people as possible. Publicity always comes handy, and if you’re doing it right, your clientele will expand rapidly in no time. 

Be bold

If you truly want to be ahead of the curve, it’s important that you not shy away from the novelties and that you use modern tools and solutions during your work. Simple, almost commonplace things like introducing new exercises or using a mobile app can all make your daily routine smoother and more efficient. 

The market has been virtually swarmed by fitness apps, and you can easily find the one that is most suitable for you. Spomoco, for instance, does not only make your daily routine clutter-free, but it also helps you to create your weekly schedule. It is an efficient virtual assistant, constantly motivating your clients to push their limits and work towards their goals. 

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