3 tips to boost your Instagram reach efficiently

We’ve mentioned a few times already: social media platforms are incredibly important for trainers. One of the most popular platforms is Instagram, where millions of people scroll through their feeds in search of relevant content. Influencers are followed by hundreds of thousands – they’re practically celebrities in their own right. 

If you don’t want to miss the boat, read the following three tips that can help you boost your followers’ number and your posts’ reach alike. 

Plan ahead 

Did you know that the reach of your content does not exclusively depend on what you are sharing but also on the timing? This is true for Instagram posts, too. Most users prefer scrolling through their feed during three periods: early morning, before noon, and between 3 and 5 PM. 

People usually check their phones while having breakfast, then while taking a break at work, and finally when they’re leaving their workplaces, checking out some of the content from their friends or influencers. So, if you want your content to spread like wildfire, learn a little more on when exactly your target audience uses the app – once you know the period, you can start sharing fresh and crispy content on your feed. 

Use hashtags

We’ve also mentioned this before – hashtags are your go-to solution if you want to become an influencer. The more hashtags you use which are related to your field, the higher the chances are that Instagram users who have not seen your profile will discover your feed. This is the quickest way to gain new followers, who can even become your clients – but only if you share quality content on a regular basis.

Ask for feedback

Using Instagram Stories lets you involve your followers in the process of creating new content. You can pose simple questions or start a quick poll on a certain topic – this sort of content can boost your reach very easily. And why?

People just love interactive content, and they love to share their opinion about things they are also involved in. Open questions and polls help you activate your followers, plus their answers and votes might show you the direction towards you should progress with your classes and your service in general. 

Fine – so how can you benefit from using Instagram?

Now you might think that using Instagram takes too much time away from your actual work without giving you enough revenue. But let’s not forget – your aim is not necessarily becoming an influencer. 

This platform can help you build a close-knit community around your business, so that your name becomes a brand of its own. You don’t need millions to follow you in order to build a brand – the point is to make your communication with your target audience as candid and easy-going as possible. 

Using social media does not only bring new clients for your business – it also encourages your regular clientele to use their smartphones more often. This can get them to use solutions like Spomoco – this application makes scheduling child’s play for trainer and client alike. 

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