3 tips to boost your clients’ morale

Your job as a trainer is much more than simply teaching your students. You have to be the person providing them constant motivation – someone on whom they can rely upon, someone who helps them achieve their goals. In order to become a true role model, the most important thing is to be energetic, positive and – primarily – to have a conscious and confident approach to everything. 

The article below shows you three tips that can help you motivate your clients so that they keep on fighting to reach their goals one day. 

Set up specific goals

Those who are still new to exercising have a tendency to set unrealistic short or long-term goals. Talk this through with them – discuss what they want to get by visiting your trainings. If you feel like their goals are far-fetched, help them set realistic goals.

You don’t necessarily have to focus on a dream-like ideal, but instead set smaller milestones that can be achieved easier. This way, it will be much easier to progress towards the final goal as well. 

Communicate a lot

The more charismatic you are, the more likely your clients are going to pay attention to you, and the more they’ll trust your word. That’s why – apart from the professional knowledge – having good communicational skills is vital for a trainer. 

It’s important that you get on the same page with your clients – without it, any inspirational message will be in vain. Be strict if it’s needed, and similarly, show kindness, positivity or even humour when the situation demands it. The point is to be flexible with your clients, and always strive to strike a chord with even the most problematic customer. 

Teach them how to be organised

Being organised is crucial when it comes to reaching long-term goals. Your clients will only succeed if they’re organised both at your trainings and throughout the rest of the week. Help them to overcome the chaos and become a little bit more organised!

Spomoco’s app is an ideal first step to make – it helps your clients sign up for classes in time, enabling them to organise their weekly routine accordingly. Once your training sessions become an integral part of their agenda, they will also transform their routine and lead a much more organised and successful life.

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