3 things that trainers hate to hear from their clients

Many people think that being a trainer is almost effortless – eventually, they’re earning money with what they truly love. But those who really think that’s the way things work surely haven’t met problematic clients either. 

Many of us are prone to detach from reality and ask things from our trainers that test the limits even those whose nerves are made of steel. Let us show you three of these things – who knows, maybe you’ve already encountered at least one of them. 

I’m off to a vacation to the Greek coast and I want to get into shape. Is that possible?

Nope, unfortunately it is not possible. If I were able to help you with such requests, most of my clients would be professional models by now, or pose as action movie starts on the cover of the magazines. Realistically, reaching the desired body shape takes long months or even years – everything depends on what the clients wants to achieve and what their abilities are. 

A good trainer is able to gauge their clients’ skill set, setting intermittent tasks that are needed to reach long-term goals – paired with the client’s persistence and determination. Not even the most experienced trainer can work wonders within an unrealistically short time frame.

Sorry for the late notice, but we had a rough night out with the guys, so I gotta cancel the training

Says the client ten minutes before the class would start – not to mention that he hasn’t really been exactly consistent in showing up at the trainings for the past couple of weeks. This attitude is not only harmful, but also something you should eliminate. Chronically late clients – and those who do not show up – do not only take a slot from diligent students, but they’re genuinely surprised because of not making enough progress despite of attending some of your trainings. 

It might be wise to simply getting rid of these clients – it poses a financial threat to your business, plus it also damages the morale of the rest of your clientele. By using Spomoco, you’ll be able to filter chronic lateness – this will allow you to only have the most motivated students book slots for your trainings. 

Sorry, but I just don’t have time for this

This is easily the worst excuse one can come up with if they don’t feel like working out. You have time for the things that you want to have time for – there’s hardly a greater truth than that. 

Just two hours less sitting in front of the TV, an hour less browsing on the internet, and you’ll have plenty of time at hand that you can use for your physical and mental well-being instead of wasting it on things that you don’t benefit from.

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