10 tips to keep yourself ahead of the curve

Working as a trainer is a profession just like any other – if you want to make ends meet as a freelancer, you have to take it seriously. This is why it’s important to have – apart from excellent routines and training plans – a proper marketing strategy. Even if you feel like self-promotion isn’t for you. 

Don’t worry – you aren’t alone with this sentiment. Traditional marketing techniques scare many people from starting their own business, but nowadays we have plenty of new, creative ways to make a name for yourself and keep being ahead of the curve. 

So what are these ways and how should you use them? Let us show all of them to you in the following listicle.

Try new things

If you truly want to be ahead of your competition, it’s important that you always be able to offer a little more than they do. Novelties draw everyone’s attention – they have the power to make people talk about you. Introducing a new training plan can buy you a lot of attention, but the most effective thing you can do is implementing technological invention that assists the trainings. 

There aren’t many trainers who make their clients’ registration or bookings easier with the help of a virtual assistant. An app like Spomoco is available for all, and it does not only make administrative tasks easier, but more user-friendly as well. 

Be present wherever you can

One of the biggest tasks of marketing is to make you visible to your potential clients and the competition as well. But in order to draw enough attention, you don’t necessarily have to pay of advertising.

Nowadays social media provides a perfect solution for spreading the word about your business. You have the option to advertise your business in different ways on different platforms – this gives you the chance to get your message through to potential clients with minimal effort.

Another way to be visible is by attending professional workshops and conferences. Most of your competition will show up at these events, so it’s a perfect opportunity for you to build your professional network and to introduce your service to potential clients. 

Be nice

It’s your obligation as an entrepreneur to build your network, be it new clients, or meeting fellow professionals. If people find it difficult to communicate with you, they can easily feel that you regard mingling as a chore. 

That’s why you should be energetic, merry and helpful all the time. Simple things like a smile or a few well-placed words can work wonders – everyone would prefer working with someone who is open-minded and kind over someone who, despite of being a professional in their field, is way too inverted and feels that communicating with clients is a chore. Surely, all of us have bad days, but try to leave your troubles behind, and while at work, focus on nothing but getting closer to your long-term goals. 

Focus on branding

When you are freelancing, you are the brand you have to sell. In order to make it profitable, it has to proper branding – visual impressions are very important for your clients.

It’s high time you spiced things up a little! If you haven’t done it before, it’s time to contact a graphic designer, ask them to design you a fancy logo that you can use everywhere from leaflets, social media, or email headers and footers. 

Masterfully designed branding radiates confidence and professionalism – it strengthens potential clients in their perception that if they work with you, they can expect the best possible outcome. 

Show what you do best

If you are actively using social media, you must have realised that many trainers have their own blog, or create video content in which they share their own experience related to their work or professional development. A professional blog or YouTube series can generate a lot of clicks, which help you spread the word about your business. 

Maintaining these isn’t rocket science – since you have your own field of expertise, probably you have a lot to say about it. Every beginning is hard, but once you’re done with the first couple of posts, you’ll realise that writing or speaking in front of the camera comes as second nature.

There’s more than your own platforms

Creating your own blog is an excellent way of building new connections with your target audience, but you won’t be able to reach everyone. If you would like to make a name for yourself fast while also strengthening your credibility, try to publish on various professional platforms. 

Think about writing an article for a magazine or even a guest post on a popular blog – the point is that you try publishing engaging content on as many platforms as possible. 

Shake off the shackles

If you’re working as an entrepreneur, you have many tasks to take care of apart from your daily work, and these can eat up a lot of time. One of these tasks is managing your clients’ data on a daily basis.

In order to become a true pro and give your utmost to your clients, it’s worth it to get rid of these administrative duties. And how? – well, you don’t have to take any wild guess – there’s always a solution. 

Spomoco’s scheduling app does not only give a handy tool to your clients, but it makes your everyday routine much easier. Using Spomoco takes the administrative duties off your shoulder, plus you can stop worrying about your clients’ data security. Spomoco’s system handles your clients’ data with secrecy and in line with the new data regulations, and using it is easy as pie. 

Organise free sessions and promotional mini-trainings

Mini-trainings for free or with a discount are a perfect opportunity for potential clients to get to know you and the way you work. In case your performance convinces them, you can acquire plenty of new clients. 

Naturally, you don’t have to organise a full session. These mini-trainings can be half as short (or one third) as your regular classes – the goal is to display what and how you teach, and to present the underlying opportunities in your training plan for the audience.

Your rival isn’t your enemy

Just because you are working in the same field does not automatically mean that you have to be archenemies. On the contrary, it’s worth to maintain a healthy relationship with trainers and coaches around you – by cooperating you can achieve things you wouldn’t normally be able to accomplish.

Work together, organise open days, and you’ll see that a joint effort will pay off sooner or later. This means more clients and people interested in your services – what can be better than that?

Don’t forget about traditional marketing techniques

Despite of the fact that modern platforms provide plenty of creative and free ways of advertising your business, you shouldn’t forget about traditional ways of marketing either, such as sticking posters and handing out leaflets on the street, in community centres, or other public institutions (kindergartens, schools, doctor’s offices). Since probably your target audience mainly consists members of the local community, traditional marketing tools can also be very efficient, even though they might seem a tad bit outdated. 

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